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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Graduation Day for December UCWS Students"

Many Milestones for Models in SL, today we will meet one of the most exciting ones of graduating from University of Classic With Style.  The teachers are incredible , my mentor unbeatable, and the graciousness of CWS to sponsor me has been second to none.  I am excited and yes nervous, but we are here at last :)

A special Thank You to my personal Mentor Ms Laylah Lecker, you gave of yourself,, your personal time and your expertise endless times during my month of studies, frustrations and accomplishments.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Gia

Friday, December 24, 2010

"Happy Holidays"

Gia Wishes You All A Very Merry Christmas "Classic With Style"

Disclaimer, this video is off of utube and was created by http://www.youtube.com/user/bkdraftjames and was just embedded by Gia to wish the best of Holidays.  Thank You

Monday, December 20, 2010

December 19th, 2010 Classic With Style, "2010 Mr/Ms Hawaii Pagent"

Gia presents the wonders of the Mr/Ms Hawaii Pagent...

As Ms Kiralyn Destiny Walks the runway for the last time as the Crown Winner of Ms Hawaii 2009, she is pure beauty and grace as she gives her phenominal words of encouragement to the next Crown Winner and pagent contestants. Kiralyn says “Believe in yourself and others will also believe in you”.

From Collages
The Hawaii Pagent was the place to be in SL yesterday as the contestants performed their visions of Hawaiian dance from each of their own prespectives. Outfits so creative for us to enjoy. WOW!! Who would think so many varieties of the beautiful Hawaiian costume.

Dancing bob Marley Hawaiian Ms suki rexen, PinkTikiCat will dance -Rock-A-Hula Baby by Elvis Presley, Finally we come to the winners, we have Ms Photogenic, Dancing Hawaiian somewhere over the rainbow Sid Kormann, Zigrich Zsigmond dancing I KA PO MEKE AO by jesse kalima, SD Damiano dancing Don Ho Hawaiian steel guitar, June Fall dancing "Blue Hawaii" by Elvis and last but not least Ms AmyChristine Avedon dancing blue hawaii by elvis presley

Finally we come to the winners, 2010 Hawaii Photogenic is PinkTikiCat Luv, Best Creative- Zigrich Zsigmond, 2nd Runner Up Sid Kormann, 1st Runner Up June Fall and Our First Place Winner of the 2010 Ms Hawaii Crown is……. Ms SD Damiano.

From Winners CWS 2010 Hawaii

Congratulations to he Winners and to all the contestants, you were all awesome!!!! Gia

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sage Fashions @ CWS

Gia was busy again.  I visited the  Classic With Style Fashion Show of Sage Fashions and I am in awh of the beautiful models and gorgeous gowns.  I want that one and that one and that one, oh heck one of each would make me happy :), Someday awh, I got a little off track shopping in my mind is a 24hour habit which could be either good for me or bad for me, depending on how you look at it.

The Stage at the Beach of Classic with Style Presents Sage Pexie and Sage Fashions Designs.  At the wheel are Ms Anrol Anthony and Mr Steve101 McCullough.  Anrol introduces the Designer of the Day and sponsor of todays Fashion the Owner and designer for Sage Fashion Ms Sage Pexie.  Ms Anrol says " Check it out she just recently got married to Mr Byron Birdson, her dream come true 11/20/10"   I think Santa visited her early, dont you?

Introducing the Models of Classic With Style


Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Midterms!!!! OH MY!!! "Mini Skirts @ CWS Theme

Hello, Gia is freaking out now, time for tests!!!!  Do you have anxiety or get nervous with tests?  Gia does and part one of midterms was December 17, 2010 on the Main Stage @ CWS.  Feel confident I can do it but when someone says test I am the Cowardly Lion on the Wizard of OZ or something.  Yes down deep I am a big chicken.  Going on stage for this part of midterms made me a total wreck.  But I did it, I made it (sorta with a few minor mistakes).  Was great fun, everyone was awesome.  We had some overweight avi's, gorgeous (who says full figure isnt beautiful),  and OH Santa Came too, how much fun is that. And lots of pretty contestants in mini skirts.
First Place: Sidney Abbot,
Second Place: Ntaly Anton and

Third Place Gia Ludlow

VeronicaLynn Parx Announced the event, Judges were Lisana Rossen, Laylah Lecker, Debbiedoo Tigerfish and the Blog Queen Ms Tabytha Bailey

Midterm Part 1 complete, waiting for the next anxious moment and oh it is coming soon.  Sunday December 19th we will get our Part 2 and Part 3 of our midterms.

Santa, all I want for Christmas is to pass this class and become a real model.  "Hope he is listening" :))

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CWS Presents..Random Sixpence "Totally Naughty Clothes"

My first  CWS Fashion Show, I am in awh of the beautiful avators and all the chatter about me.  How exciting it is to come to this event and enjoy the designs of many different designers.  Today Ms Anrol introduces Ms Random Sixpence.  she says "The designs you are about to see here this afternoon showcase the versatility of Random Sixpence.  One of the greatest designers in SecondLife and I'm proud to present them here in our venue -- Classic W/ Style Corporation We are Simply the Best: Binging the gap from real life artisan to second life fashion designer came very naturally to SL fashion designer was not difficult:
They love the outfits of so many real work fashion designers, that , she cant name one particular favorite,.  Here in Second Life, she  finds that there are too many wonderful creators to name just one.  they love the diversity of styles here.  TNC didn't leave out the gentlemen! Check out our sexy male CWS models in Totally Naughty Clothes Formal Series. This mega pack comes with 5 waistcoats in scarlett, black, navy, sage green, and purple and 5 snug tops in colors of red, gray, lilac, blue, and white. You can wear different combinations of this ensemble depending on your mood or depending on the occasion because the formal shirts come in a shirt and a jacket layer! Skin tight leather pants accompany this edgy formal attire, and your lover will not be able to keep their eyes, or hands, off of you gentlemen! It's a must have!".  (thank you MS Anrol, I could not have said it better)  I have many photos I will share with this slideshow below but please enjoy the photograph by Steve McCullough of all the wonderful models who took part in this showing of the awesome designs of Randomn Sixpence (TNC)

UCWS Fashion Show Saturday December 11, 2010

The Students and Scholars joined two of our instructors Lisana Rossen and DebbieDoo Tigerfish for our first ever Fashion Show.  Everyone was dressed formally for the occasion.  How exciting it was to go on the runway and be able to show what we have learned.  Enjoy the show. 
Thank You  Gia

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"The Red Carpet"

The movie stars came out one after the other to take their place on stage, What a fun night with Indian Princess,  Katheryn Hepburn, John Travolta, Cruella de Vil.  It was a full night with many contestants but fun was had by all.  The real surprise came for me when I was selected by the judge for 3rd Place, 3rd, my very first Styling and I placed, it is so exciting I can't wait till I am able to do it again. 

1st Place Winner:Alelitz Fierenza says "I am here to represent one of my ultimate favorite actresses of this century, she is a chameleon in my opinion when she portrays a character, the time you tend to forget that there is an actor behind the character in the movie! hehe I am talking about the one and only Reese Witherspoon  Reese Witherspoon."

2nd Place Winner Adrianna Applewhyte was "Dressed as Kitten may have been on the night she received her 1st Oscar in 1960 for her role in “Butterfeild 8” as Gloria Wandrous"

3rd: Place Gia Ludlow (oh this was me :)) I pick Cruella de Vil, my favorite movie star Glenn Close. Cruella de Vil is a fictional character and the primary villain in Dodie Smith's 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians. She played many roles femme Fatale, Dangerous Liaisons and Fatal Attraction are a few , my favorite of course was 101 Dalmatian's. She also did many musicals. Her awards are numerous. She is tenacious and funny. In real life 15 years of her younger life was spent in a cult community. She married in 2006 to David Shaw, Glenn close has a daughter named Ann from a previous marriage. She is fun and mysterious.
This Styling was so fun but only because Anrol, Steve, our instructors and mentors made this possible for us.  A Special Thank you to Veronica for Judging this contest she had the hardest job of the night.   Thank you all so much.    Gia

Blogging Class

Are you confused, Well join the crowd, no I didn't go from newbie island to blogging.  Since I have learned Basic Formation, Beach Formation and will be learning a 123 formation.  When I first heard these terms I was like formation?  Well it is the stages where Actual Fashion Shows take place.  We learned modeling etiquette and the value of modeling and being a part of a family.  Then there was Blogging Class OMG!! what did I get myself into? 

Well Ms Tabytha showed us the in's and out's of blogging and you know what I think I LIKE IT....:))

Follow along and share my journey into the world of Blogging and becoming a model.  If you have a dream to join, click the blog and come be a part of it.


My First Blog, My Second Life Beginning

I landed in a place where new people go in Second Life (newbie island) and did I ever wonder what the heck am I doing here :)     I took my time and I went through each little capsule looking room.  One was for moving, one was for chatting with other confused souls like myself,  I did learn a little about inventory wished I had paid more attention to that one (lol) as I digress I went on to sitting, now if that wasn't a concept I was already exhausted.  Then I think a bird kissed me (a colored parrot), then I took a 2 minute flying lesson, whoaaa where am I going....then I knew this was going to be loads of fun and frustration.   I didn't give up though, I hit a board and it took me to a place called Welcome Island, when I landed the first person I spoke with was Jos Darkfire, I decided this was safe enough I would talk to him, he couldn't hurt me here.  Found out he lives 400 miles from me and we have many things in common.  We spent a couple days roaming there and then one day we met this lady who told us about the things we could do in second life.  Jos said he wanted to explore, I said I wanted to do fashion.  Ms Laylah Lecker told us her favorite thing fashion and modeling.  So she, Ms Laylah adopted me and Jos and we are now proud scholars of  University of Classic With Style. To Anrol and Steve I Thank You For Taking A Chance On Me. So I will follow my journey best I know how. Thank you. Gia Ludlow