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Monday, December 20, 2010

December 19th, 2010 Classic With Style, "2010 Mr/Ms Hawaii Pagent"

Gia presents the wonders of the Mr/Ms Hawaii Pagent...

As Ms Kiralyn Destiny Walks the runway for the last time as the Crown Winner of Ms Hawaii 2009, she is pure beauty and grace as she gives her phenominal words of encouragement to the next Crown Winner and pagent contestants. Kiralyn says “Believe in yourself and others will also believe in you”.

From Collages
The Hawaii Pagent was the place to be in SL yesterday as the contestants performed their visions of Hawaiian dance from each of their own prespectives. Outfits so creative for us to enjoy. WOW!! Who would think so many varieties of the beautiful Hawaiian costume.

Dancing bob Marley Hawaiian Ms suki rexen, PinkTikiCat will dance -Rock-A-Hula Baby by Elvis Presley, Finally we come to the winners, we have Ms Photogenic, Dancing Hawaiian somewhere over the rainbow Sid Kormann, Zigrich Zsigmond dancing I KA PO MEKE AO by jesse kalima, SD Damiano dancing Don Ho Hawaiian steel guitar, June Fall dancing "Blue Hawaii" by Elvis and last but not least Ms AmyChristine Avedon dancing blue hawaii by elvis presley

Finally we come to the winners, 2010 Hawaii Photogenic is PinkTikiCat Luv, Best Creative- Zigrich Zsigmond, 2nd Runner Up Sid Kormann, 1st Runner Up June Fall and Our First Place Winner of the 2010 Ms Hawaii Crown is……. Ms SD Damiano.

From Winners CWS 2010 Hawaii

Congratulations to he Winners and to all the contestants, you were all awesome!!!! Gia

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