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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My First Blog, My Second Life Beginning

I landed in a place where new people go in Second Life (newbie island) and did I ever wonder what the heck am I doing here :)     I took my time and I went through each little capsule looking room.  One was for moving, one was for chatting with other confused souls like myself,  I did learn a little about inventory wished I had paid more attention to that one (lol) as I digress I went on to sitting, now if that wasn't a concept I was already exhausted.  Then I think a bird kissed me (a colored parrot), then I took a 2 minute flying lesson, whoaaa where am I going....then I knew this was going to be loads of fun and frustration.   I didn't give up though, I hit a board and it took me to a place called Welcome Island, when I landed the first person I spoke with was Jos Darkfire, I decided this was safe enough I would talk to him, he couldn't hurt me here.  Found out he lives 400 miles from me and we have many things in common.  We spent a couple days roaming there and then one day we met this lady who told us about the things we could do in second life.  Jos said he wanted to explore, I said I wanted to do fashion.  Ms Laylah Lecker told us her favorite thing fashion and modeling.  So she, Ms Laylah adopted me and Jos and we are now proud scholars of  University of Classic With Style. To Anrol and Steve I Thank You For Taking A Chance On Me. So I will follow my journey best I know how. Thank you. Gia Ludlow 

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