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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CWS Presents..Random Sixpence "Totally Naughty Clothes"

My first  CWS Fashion Show, I am in awh of the beautiful avators and all the chatter about me.  How exciting it is to come to this event and enjoy the designs of many different designers.  Today Ms Anrol introduces Ms Random Sixpence.  she says "The designs you are about to see here this afternoon showcase the versatility of Random Sixpence.  One of the greatest designers in SecondLife and I'm proud to present them here in our venue -- Classic W/ Style Corporation We are Simply the Best: Binging the gap from real life artisan to second life fashion designer came very naturally to SL fashion designer was not difficult:
They love the outfits of so many real work fashion designers, that , she cant name one particular favorite,.  Here in Second Life, she  finds that there are too many wonderful creators to name just one.  they love the diversity of styles here.  TNC didn't leave out the gentlemen! Check out our sexy male CWS models in Totally Naughty Clothes Formal Series. This mega pack comes with 5 waistcoats in scarlett, black, navy, sage green, and purple and 5 snug tops in colors of red, gray, lilac, blue, and white. You can wear different combinations of this ensemble depending on your mood or depending on the occasion because the formal shirts come in a shirt and a jacket layer! Skin tight leather pants accompany this edgy formal attire, and your lover will not be able to keep their eyes, or hands, off of you gentlemen! It's a must have!".  (thank you MS Anrol, I could not have said it better)  I have many photos I will share with this slideshow below but please enjoy the photograph by Steve McCullough of all the wonderful models who took part in this showing of the awesome designs of Randomn Sixpence (TNC)

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  1. Thank you so much Gia for the lovely write-up, and the great photos. It was really appreciated and I had a lot of fun too! All the models were great and super, and everyone was just so nice. Thanks again!